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Milepost Merlot 2021

Milepost Merlot 2021

A bright, energetic, and flavourful Merlot.

Our 10.5 acre vineyard is over 50% Merlot, and the Milepost has become another great expression of it, truly showcasing the "intersection" of styles, soils and techniques to show the variety that Merlot has to offer. This wine is from an exemplary year in the Okanagan, with a long, sunny and frost-free fall following a beautifully sunny and hot summer. Using minimal oak and encouraging expression of the grapes, the result is a bright, fruity Merlot that's ready to drink right away. It's become a favourite of staff and customers alike!

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Golden Mile Slopes
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Food Pairing Notes
A great value bottle which will match well to grilled flank steak and lamb shoulder