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'The Story of Merlot' Pack

'The Story of Merlot' Pack

Years ago, we decided that Merlot would be our signature varietal because of it's elegance, adaptablility, and expressiveness.  We wanted to challenge perceptions on the varitial, and release Merlots that showed impact, balance, and grace. Vintage after Vintage, they exceeded our expectations and continued to showcase the truly unique characteristics of the Land.

We are releasing now a limited edition six pack of wines featuring current and back vintages of the wines we create from our Estate-grown Merlot.

  • Rosé 2022: An intense, dry wine; an outstanding food-pairing glass.
  • Milepost Merlot 2020: An amazing vintage of our classic Milepost and a vintage to be cherished.
  • Alluvia Unfiltered Merlot 2019: Rich and robust, nurtured by the alluvial soils found in our Oliver Slopes Vineyard.
  • Silica Unfiltered Merlot 2019: A sophisticated symphony, showcasing the essence of our terroir.
  • Appassimento 2013: Concentrated, elegant, savoury 'Amarone' Method wine.
  • Ripasso 2015: A dance of aromas and textures, a celebration in every glass.

This exclusive bundle features prized wines and cellar vintages, a testament to our commitment to excellence. Immerse yourself in the diverse expressions of Merlot, each bottle crafted with passion and precision. Indulge in 'The Story of Merlot' Collection from Intersection Estate Winery!

The pack is priced based on the retail prices of the specific back vintage wines. We will not be able to substitute any wines in the pack. No additional bottles of the included wines are available for purchase at this time. We will only have a total of 36 of these packs available for purchase, this year.








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