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Alluvia 2013 Magnum

Alluvia 2013 Magnum

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/ 1.5L
SKU: 761171 AL13 MAG
Wine Specs
Golden Mile Slopes
Great now but can see giving this one another 3+ years!
Alcohol %
Wine Profile
Tasting Notes
Medium burgundy, cherry highlights, colour holding nicely. Nice and clean! The nose shows molasses, blackberry and blueberry, dried floral notes (rose, but not extremely pungent), black tea. Cherry syrup and cocoa emerge after aerating, lots of fruit comes out. Dynamic with the earthy qualities adding a lot of interest to the profile. The palate is dry with structured tannin throughout, balanced acidity in the background. Dried cranberry, lots of red fruit here. Distinct black tea aroma that I've seen consistently as an aged Alluvia hallmark, a really Old World profile. This wine's in a great place right now to share with holiday visitors, but can lay down for a further few years of aging, the large format progresses through aging a little slower than traditional 750ml bottles.