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'2021 Rhone Whites' Collection

'2021 Rhone Whites' Collection

For the first time, we are able to release all three Intersection Rhone-White Wines from a single vintage - 2021. It's a beautiful through-line that connect these three wines, produced entirely from Estate grown grapes. The Viognier-Marsanne has always been our signature wine, and being able to compare it with the single varietal components is an amazing experience.

This special edition box features two bottles of each of the following:

Viognier 2021: Distinct fresh pear initially on the nose, fresh ginger, orange and lemon zest, fruit tree blossoms. An almost eucalyptus/menthol freshness in the background, not heavily pungent, but cooling. Loads of potential to open up even more, although the wine is already offering a lot of fragrance. Palate is smooth with medium weight, bright acidity and balanced alcohol from this very warm vintage. Some spicy qualities on the finish, white pepper/ground ginger.

Viognier-Marsanne 2021: A pale yellow-gold hue, exhibiting excellent clarity and noticeable legs. The initial impression on the nose is remarkably perfumed, evolving into notes of baked peach, toasted marshmallow, and a subtle essence of orange oil and dried orange peel. The wine, both developed and fragrant, carries a nuanced hint of caramel. For optimal enjoyment, a suggestion is to lightly chill rather than refrigerate. The palate unfolds with a pleasing roundness and a creamy mouthfeel. Mid-palate, the acidity gracefully emerges, enhancing the finish and uplifting the aromatic qualities. Well-balanced alcohol contributes to the overall texture.

Marsanne 2021: Presenting a luminous white-gold hue, the deepest shade among the 2021 whites, yet maintaining a vibrant and pristine clarity. The Marsanne enchants the senses with a predominantly floral bouquet, interwoven with hints of wool, yellow plum, vanilla, white tea, tangerine, and toasted marshmallow. The aromatics promise continued harmonization with an additional year or two of cellaring. On the palate, a rounded and structured profile unfolds, offering a touch of wood tannin derived from the oak (refer to production notes for barrel specifics). The finish is a symphony of spice and warmth, where the oak's prominence surpasses its role in the nose, complemented by a delicate touch of caramel that enriches the wine's autumnal essence.

Elevate your wine experience with this exclusive Rhone White Trio, a celebration of the 2021 vintage. Perfect for festive occasions or thoughtful gifts, these wines invite you to savor the magic of the Okanagan Valley in every sip.



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